Tariff reduced by 65 to 95 paise per km for drop trips.
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Dear Customers,

With effect from today, 1st July 2017, we shall be charging GST on droptaxi services.

There are two components in the GST we charge.

1. 5% GST on the basic ride fare and 

2. 18% GST on our facilitation charges.

For example one way drop tariff in a Sedan car is Rs.12 per km Of this Rs.11 is basic ride fare and Re.1 is the facilitation charge.

Hence calculation is ( Rs.11 + 5% on 11) +  Re.1 + 18% on Re 1) = 11.55+1.18 = 12.73

As you all might know, GST is the law of the land and it is incumbent on Aggregators like to droptaxi to collect and pay to the Govt.

We shall send you detailed automated bill to your email  at end of your journey.

We seek your continued patronage to droptaxi.in

Warm Regards

Team droptaxi