Genesis of

Last Saturday of July 2013, I happened to be at Coimbatore. It so happened, I had not booked my journey back to Chennai.By afternoon my dear Mother called and told me to come home to Trichy. Next day being Sunday, I said immediately OK. I had still unfinished work till evening.

Meanwhile I started to explore the travel options from Coimbatore to Trichy, a distance of 200 kms. To my dismay, there were no convenient trains or even good quality buses.The only option left was to take a Government bus. I went to the bus station. Mind you, Tamilnadu has one of the best bus network in the Country. But traveling time was 5 hours. Since there is a bus every 15 minutes, I started to explore the taxi option.

Taxis charge both up and down kms even for a drop trip. That means I will have to pay  for 400 kms though I would have actually traveled 200 kms.It seemed unfair as a customer. What with all the communication and information technology around, I started wondering why nobody had disrupted practice.

Being a value conscious middle class guy, I ultimately took the Government bus anyway.

I started thinking about this pain point next 6 months. Studied this market, interacted with taxi people and technology professionals and then decided to take the plunge!

We have come a long way since then…

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