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Manja Pai


For the typical Tamilian, manja pai signifies simplicity, prudence and austerity.

Nothing flashy and quite efficiency.

Middle class / Lower middle class values imparted to generations through manja pai.

Typical paisa vasool approach.

No wonder, droptaxi reflects the value system of our upbringing.

Why pay for some thing which you have not used? Like the return kilometers after a drop trip?

Since, the taxi guy was not sure of getting a return trip passengers, he ended up charging two way fare on us.

Today information technology and easy connectivity can help him getting passengers on return trip. Droptaxi enables him and the benefits are passed on to the customers, who can save upto 40% in a one way trip.

Win-Win for both passengers and taxi operators.

Typical manaja pai values..


Genesis of

Last Saturday of July 2013, I happened to be at Coimbatore. It so happened, I had not booked my journey back to Chennai.By afternoon my dear Mother called and told me to come home to Trichy. Next day being Sunday, I said immediately OK. I had still unfinished work till evening.

Meanwhile I started to explore the travel options from Coimbatore to Trichy, a distance of 200 kms. To my dismay, there were no convenient trains or even good quality buses.The only option left was to take a Government bus. I went to the bus station. Mind you, Tamilnadu has one of the best bus network in the Country. But traveling time was 5 hours. Since there is a bus every 15 minutes, I started to explore the taxi option.

Taxis charge both up and down kms even for a drop trip. That means I will have to pay  for 400 kms though I would have actually traveled 200 kms.It seemed unfair as a customer. What with all the communication and information technology around, I started wondering why nobody had disrupted practice.

Being a value conscious middle class guy, I ultimately took the Government bus anyway.

I started thinking about this pain point next 6 months. Studied this market, interacted with taxi people and technology professionals and then decided to take the plunge!

We have come a long way since then…